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Father’s Home was born from a vision that entered the life of a young man of Ghanaian origin, Francis Jackson. Francis was born in 1966 in Takoradi, a town situated on the south coast of Ghana. This was where he grew up and went to school.Following an apprenticeship as a cook, he went to hotel school. After this, he worked in the kitchen, first at a hotel and later at a restaurant in the town.

In 1987, Francis had a personal encounter with God, and decided to put his faith into practice. He left his job as a cook and got involved with an international Christian movement called Youth with a Mission.

On the day of his twenty-sixth birthday, Francis felt himself strongly called by God to “become a father”. At first, he thought God was encouraging him to get married and having children. One day a street child came to his notice, and a number of questions came together in his head: “Where does this child sleep? Who feeds him? Who looks after him? Who clothes him? Does he have a future?” Touched to the depths of his being, Francis once again heard the call of the Lord: “You will be a father for children like this.” He now understood the words that had come to him three months before.

His first reaction was refusal, coupled with the fear that he would never be able to manage it.

Years went by; Francis did not know what to do with this growing certainty that he had a task to accomplish.

It was not until six years later that Francis finally accepted the challenge of coming to the help of orphans, street children and children rejected by society.

While he studied in various training centres in Africa and Europe, he met many individuals and shared his vision with them. He established contacts and met his future wife, Chantal.

It was in the summer of 2000, as the result of an anonymous gift of money, that Francis bought a plot in the suburbs of the town of Takoradi, and built a house on it containing six rooms. First, he moved in on his own, and then two co-workers joined him. At last, the decisive step was taken, and in January 2001, Father’s Home opened its doors to take in the first eight children. In the same year, on 17 October 2001, as a result of various administrative initiatives Father’s Home achieved the status of a Christian NGO. Its name bears a reference to the fatherhood of God.